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Cadburys - Vessel Painting

Bagnalls completed a challenging, yet rewarding, project at Cadburys main production facility in Bourneville. Work was required to their food storage silos, which were in a poor state of repair. Eleven tanks in all were refurbished, along with associated pipework, a pipe bridge and gantry. Not only did the job present the obvious challenge of full restoration to the tanks, but also the logistical challenges of safe access and the necessity of full compliance with Cadbury’s stringent food hygiene regulations. All eleven tanks remained in operation whilst work was conducted. It is a notoriously busy site, with constant traffic, deliveries, other maintenance operations, Cadbury’s own staff and frequent inspections to contend with. Bagnalls provided a fully trained and experienced Foreman to coordinate operations. Whenever access was required to commence work, a staged and meticulous hygiene process was adhered to, at all times. The work to the tanks involved thorough preparation, this included jet washing, use of wire brushes, scraping back and priming. A Two-pack epoxy system to deliver the corrosion protection and maintenance life required.