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Royal Albert Hall

Opened in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall is the most famous stage. It is one of London’s most iconic and visited tourist attractions.
Whilst the venue is most famous for its shows by night, by day, this treasured building is open for Coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and guided tours.
We at Cousins and Campbell Smith have recently had the pleasure of re-furbishing the bar alongside CJC Designs, where old charm meets contemporary flair.
The 1871 Bar is a mix of traditional and modern elements that create an electric space.
We had 4 weeks to transform the existing bar into a new vibrant space, working around other trades at all times.
Time was our biggest challenge, having to strip out the existing finishes and complete with new and having to apply a square pattered paper to a round ceiling.
All existing papers were removed to receive new papers, and multi Dulux paint colours.
Many different colours and paints were used on the project with some changing during the decoration to add a little bit more complimentary colour.
Inclusive of floral wallpapers, geometric prints, and painted surfaces, photos alone do not do it justice, a visit is highly recommended to take in an evening show followed by a bite to eat to feel its true glory.