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Block Home Renovation

Axis were employed by leading property managers, Rendall & Rittner, to deliver a block home renovation project. Our housing division delivered work for 533 properties at Riverside West in southwest London. The estate, in Wandsworth, comprises private residential apartment blocks (built circa 2004) and a fitness club. We completed external repairs and decorations alongside a programme of general estate repairs.

Our team took on repairs and decorations to five blocks – Compass, Dolphin, Anchor, Bluewater and Omega. We began the project by clearing guttering and rainwater goods, relining gutters and painting downpipes and guttering. We were able to recommend, thanks to our expert teams, an appropriate new Tri flex liquid system rubber coating for the client’s gutter repairs.

Before spray-painting all the balconies, we removed all the glass which we then re-installed afterwards. Roof works included the installation of polymeric sheet roof covering and roof waterproofing systems as well as cleaning eaves and guttering and installing new shingles to porch roofs.

Brickworks included hacking off and repairing damp and stained render and bricks as well as cleaning external brickwork and coping stones using the DOFF cleaning method. We also painted external brickwork. In addition to general window repairs, we replaced double glazing where it had failed and cleaned all aluminium window frames, panels and louvre doors.

As part of the block home renovation, we installed new canopies and front doors to the communal entrances. General estate repairs included maintenance to the paths, water feature, railings and benches and supply and installation of new signage. Throughout, our client emphasises the importance of consistency of appearance, so we took care to match materials and colours to existing schemes.