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Harefield Academy


Nelson Mandela

HarefieldAcademy is part of an exciting programme of creating new modern buildings and delivering modern education. Giving the staff, teachers and students the best possible opportunity to learn. Taylor Woodrow Construction was nominated as the main contractor and Rossbro Limited was awarded the painting package.

The works involved Painting a brand new bespoke two storey school building, with associated sports facilities. The Academy contained over 240 Areas/Rooms including feature walls, staircases, toilets and kitchens. Over 6,000m2 of Diamond Matt emulsion applied in various colours. The works were completed on time and to a very high standard. As with all construction jobs good planning was essential, and with the Rossbro and Taylor Woodrow long term relationship in place, problems rapidly became solutions. Areas surrounding the curved walls became one of our biggest challenges, as the scale of the wall size was unforgiving with the finish required. Other trades working within our work area to complete the project on time, hindered the application of the final coats. A spray application was considered but after a full and thorough risk assessment it was agreed that roller was the safest and most controlled method of application.

Strong colours being applied to large walls required a high degree of skill, speed and planning. Sometimes working on fixed scaffold or other times mobile towers or mobile elevated platforms. The result needed to be high quality delivered in the minimum visits.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.

Works were started and completed over a four month period requiring the usual expert planning and delivery. Taylor Woodrow worked closely with Rossbro and developed a plan to allow enough time for the fit out and flooring contractor to complete their works. Final coats were left off until all trades were completed to keep damage of finish works to a minimum.

The whole site embraced the culture of RESPECT FINISHED WORKS!. Where protection was not possible all trades including the painter took extra precaution to avoid unnecessary damage, this prevented a long drawn out snagging exercise at the end of the project.

There is no doubt in my mind that the success of this project was down to the relationship between Rossbro Limited and Taylor Woodrow. For over 20 years both companies have enjoyed a proactive , successful working relationship, long before partnering was even thought of. The HarefieldAcademy was completed on time and within the budget restrains.