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RETAIL/COMMERCIAL - Ansco Arena (The O2)

Bagnalls has completed several projects at the Ansco Arena, also known as The O2.
On of the projects secured was to redecorate the structural bow string frame on the external of the property.
This crucial first phase included works over the main iconic entrance. As agreed at the pre-contract meeting, careful planning was undertaken to ensure that safe access and egress was maintained at all times, 24/7, to ensure the client’s usual day-to-day running was not impacted, nor security compromised. Care and attention was given to the flooring and glass canopy in the working area. We took steps to mitigate any risk to the canopy when working above and paint spillages on the concourse. To mitigate the risk of a spillage we protected the floor around all working areas and spill kits were always present nearby. Paint was only ever stored on site within a bunded, secure container.
Daily meetings took place to review the events in and around the arena so that we could plan each day’s work without any detriment to the client’s business, specifically, the general public’s use of the leisure and restaurant facilities, and the iconic appearance of the arena if any interviews were being filmed outside.
A traffic management plan, banksman arrangement and clear signage and barrier system were all key safety requirements established. These safe systems of work were needed as we were working in such close proximity to the building’s users, and in full view of the general public, at all times. We ensured the safe movement of site vehicles, deliveries, mechanical working platforms and enacted a client approved safety plan considering the general public as well as the staff and property of the client.