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Northumbria University – Cyclical Maintenance Painting

Northumbria University is a leading research and teaching university based in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, its facilities offer a dynamic and positive working environment which Bagnalls has helped maintain for several years. Our experience working with the University means we can offer a very adaptable service tailored to their specific needs. With projects ranging from £500 to £50,000 we have to be able to dedicate the appropriate number of painters by project in the required timeframe. Northumbria University is international in its operation and attracts a high percentage of foreign students per annum. Our maintenance painting work helps maintain the image of the University to a high standard for visitors, students, and staff, covering numerous buildings over the two campuses. The majority of works are undertaken during the vacation periods to minimise disruption to the students and lecturing staff.  In addition, we dedicate a small painting team to the University throughout the year to undertake remedial painting and decorating works at a moment’s notice.